Welcome to Bekah Fulton Photography!

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by my page! I am a photographer located in Ritchie County, West Virginia. The love for photography got a hold of me early, and even as a little girl I would take pictures with whatever I could get my hands on. I primarily work on portraits but have shot at venues such as dogs shows or weddings as well.

My goal is to tell your story in my photography from behind the lens. My approach is simple and I love to have the opportunity to catch the small moments on film - whether it be a tender look and a warm smile between two newlyweds, or the look of sheer happiness on a student's face as they are laughing. My style ranges from photo-journalistic to of course more traditional posing, and I am always trying new things with my subjects. I like to get to know the subject before and as we shoot, so that I am able to capture you as you truly are and determine your needs and wants of the shoot.

                                                                                 Reviews and Raves

"Bekah is an amazing photographer. She captures you in your most beautiful of moments and never fails to create a beautiful picture! She doesn't make you stand in awkward poses, but captures the natural beauty in real, raw situations. I hold the pictures she took of me dear to my heart, and I wouldn't have my photos taken by anyone else!"

- Katherine M, senior photos